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Outreach Programs

Monash University runs a number of outreach programs for schools and the community

The following is a list of available programs (keep an eye out for updates). To find out how Monash University can provide outreach to your organisation, please follow the links.

 Name Offered by Program InformationContact Details
Monash Motorsport Faculty of Engineering, Clayton Campus. The Monash Motorsport team are available to their car out to schools to show students and tell them about what they do ( this would, of course, be dependant on dates and team members being available).


Engineering Students in Schools Program Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Education, Clayton Campus. Engineering students are placed into Primary Schools for a school term to enhance the teaching and learning of Science and Technology.

Robyne Bowering -

In2Science Peer Mentoring Program Monash Science Centre and Faculty of Science, Clayton Campus Science students are placed into Government secondary schools to enhance the teaching of Science and Mathematics.

Catherine Higgins - 9905 4613,


Monsh Science Centre Exhibitions Monash Science Centre, Clayton Campus Depending on availability, exhibitions showcase research done at the University with various themes. The exhiibitions are available for general viewing. School and group tours be arranged. Website
Monash Museum of Computing History Faculty of Information Technology, Caulfield Campus. The Monash Museum of Computing History, Monash University is an exciting visual exploration of computer technology and how it has changed our lives.

The display is available for general viewing. School and group tours of the Museum can be arranged.